Zimbra Appliance

Effortless email and collaboration for cloud deployments.
The Zimbra Collaboration Server Appliance is the Zimbra email and collaboration solution delivered as a VMware virtual appliance. It combines powerful enterprise features with maximum administration simplicity achieved through virtualized cloud infrastructure which utilizes fewer resources, lowers costs and reduces risk.

You may deploy a private email and collaboration cloud, from install to inbox, in less than 10 minutes.


  • Rich Email - Tagging, Conversation Views and Fast Search make email manageable again.
  • Contact Management - Personal and global address lists that can be shared across the entire organization.
  • Group Calendars - Personal and group calendars with global free-busy times and Microsoft Exchange interoperability.
  • Sharing & Document Management - Easily share files and folders throughout the organization and manage workflow in email.
  • Streamlined Administration & Lifecycle Management - Quickly accomplish daily tasks without complex workflows or a steep learning curve.
  • VMware High Availability & Business Continuity - Integrated high-availability, backup and disaster recovery with vSphere.
  • No OS Administration - The application and OS are bundled, so no Linux expertise is required to administer the Zimbra Appliance.

Please feel free to inquire more about your specifics needs via our Contact page via the "Email/Messaging Solutions" subject with more details.