VDI: Virtual Desktop Interface

Open Source Enterprise Virtual Desktop Interface and Application Delivery solution.

The Open Virtual Desktop ("OVD") is a means in providing an open and secure application delivery solution and professional services. All from the simple comfort of a Java capable web browser. An OVD allows IT departments to deliver desktops and applications easily and at a lower cost than other solutions. This OVD solution works in both a Windows and Linux mixed environment.

Benefits for IT Departments:

  • Ease of use, ease of deployment and management: Clients need only a Java enabled web browser.
  • Interoperability: Full integration with existing infrastructures including Microsoft environments (Windows authentication, Windows applications, Active Directory, File server).
  • Customizable: The OVD is using Open Source software(1). The source code is covered by GPL v2 software licensing terms.
  • Lower cost than any comparable commercial products.
  • Secure, reliable, scalable.
  • (1) Some applications that come with the OVD may not be Open Source, such as Java web plugin, Skype, or Adobe Flash player. Please check application licensing terms.

Benefits for the end users:

  • Easy to use: Applications are delivered as a complete desktop or from a web-portal - all in the user's web browser. The OVD provides its own web portal, but corporations are free to integrate services into their own web portals.
  • Extensive application portfolio: Access any Linux and/or Windows applications seamlessly on a virtual desktop.(2)
  • User friendly: Both Linux and Windows applications from a browser in Windows, Linux, or MacOS platforms!
  • (2) Needs Windows server 2003 or 2008 Terminal Services.

Key Features:

  • Windows and/or Linux application delivery.
  • End-user web Interface.
  • Scalability.
  • Sound and video.
  • Easy and centrally managed Administrator web console.
  • Collaboration for users and IT support.
  • Microsoft Windows integration.
  • Microsoft Active Directory and authentication as well as LDAP authentication.
  • Microsoft or Linux file servers.
  • Bandwidth usage improvement.
  • Monitoring, logging, reporting, load-balancing.
  • Security and remote access.

Please feel free to inquire more about your specifics needs via our Contact page via the "VDI Solutions" subject with more details.