StarMiner (also known as "*Miner") is a Linux based image design to be used for the digital currency or "crypto currency" mining purposes.

The Logic
Most people in the "crypto currency" arena want to be able to "plug and play" (or "mine" in this case) an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) device to a simple system, put in the desired mining pool targets, and have this device "just do it". This means keeping things as simple as possible. StarMiner is designed for such purposes.

Under The Hood
StarMiner includes the following Projects that are Open Source based:

More details can be found on this project's SourceForge page.

Support This Project
Want to help support this project? There are a few ways to assist with such.

  • Purchase a Raspberry Pi unit (with USB wifi or without USB wifi) from us with StarMiner preloaded on the SD card from our estore (link coming soon!).
    Note: We cannot ship Raspberry Pi StarMiner kits internationally without a cause for headaches with various customs, VAT, import/export related issues unfortunately. Believe us...we would love to send you one!
  • Download our image from SourceForge here under Files. The run the startest command which will use a default "test" configuration to donate mining hashrate to one of our wallets. Since you are operating the miner, you may run startest for as long as you desire. This is also a simple way to test (hence, the command name startest) your ASIC miner with our image.
  • Use and write a Review on SourceForge StarMiner. If there are issues, open up a Support Ticket on SourceForge.
  • Join the Discussion Forum for StarMiner on SourceForge or the other cryptocurrency forums.
  • Donate some Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and/or Vertcoin to the following addresses:
    • Bitcoin: 1Ac9TYKxGEvwe4ECM84BEZTWzCn3HZhMFN
    • Litecoin: LTFKFPkVw3kXdzg7JQibPd7ZFQe11brADB
    • Dogecoin: DRaMFszv9bgDPUKiE6mfcM8cHxkRQ5wNXG
    • Vertcoin: VpMfewgraj4QCNSFLnfErY7xnf9EUhVYuM

    Please open a Support Ticket on SourceForge noting the donation as well if you would like some credit for such and/or write a Review.