Self-Paced Mentoring

Industry-leading guidance for a professional experience that is personal and unique at one's own pace.

For those who desire and discipline to learn Linux, but cannot find the adequate time to do so, Linux ETC has the solution for you. Our self-paced studies matched with our industry experienced professionals mentoring is the solution for you.

This unique method permits the student to study via courseware which parallels our online learning management system ("LMS"). With a calendar agenda and goals in mind, the student sets out on his or her own pace. Our mentors monitor the student's progress by weekly communications as well as reviewing the progress through our LMS. If the student needs that "extra hand", our mentors are there to extend it and assist approprirately. In the end, the student can elect to work towards an employer driven project, an open source community project, and/or Linux certification. The choice is yours, with freedom yet guidance to learn Linux.

Advantages to Linux ETC self-paced mentor training:

  • Mentors are experienced professional consultants and trainers who are very knowledgeable on the course topics.
  • Courses and our LMS actively engage students in task-focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks, and facilitative discussions.
  • Course materials and our LMS provide job aids, exercise reinforcement, and task-based reference material.