Instructor Lead, Online Virtual Classroom

Linux ETC's virtual classroom training is real-time training conducted by live instructors in an online environment. Our students receive the same industry-respected content as the corresponding classroom-based courses, but in a more convenient package. All the knowledge our students need in 5½-hour increments over a 3-5 day (depending on the course) period.

Note: Linux ETC's virtual training is currently only available in North America. Europe and Pacific-Asian coming soon in early 2014.

Affordable solution for companies and individuals.

  • Train from your home or office and eliminate travel expenses.
  • Includes virtual private server systems - an online real time environment - at no additional cost.

Flexible training to meet your schedule and needs.

  • Most classes offer convenient 5½-hour increments over a 3-5 day period (depending on the course), allowing for partial work days.
  • Enables teams to train together when they're in different locations.

Live, award-winning training at your own computer.

  • Provides real-time training by Linux ETC's professional instructors and consultants.
  • Uses virtual lab machines that run actual Linux systems.
  • Presents in an interactive environment between instructor and students.

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