On-site, Instructor Led, Team Training

Private, team training at your offices, in our classroom, or over the Internet.

Available for our entire curriculum, on-site training solutions offer flexibility and cost-effective team training options whether at your offices, our training venues, or hosted in a virtual environment.

Available for each of our 30+ courses, with course-tailoring options available (see below). Choose from traditional classroom and virtual classroom deliveries.

Discussions, examples, questions, and answers are relevant to your organization.

Bundled cost savings for class fees and elimination of travel costs save you money.

On-site training details
Linux ETC recommends on-site training when your organization has between 6 and 20 employees who fit the prerequisites and audience profile for a particular course. Before arriving on site, Linux ETC assists your technical staff to ensure the training venue is prepared to run Linux ETC products and courses.

Facility and equipment requirements
On-site training requires 1 workstation per student. Training materials include:

  • Linux ETC courseware.
  • Linux FOSS technology.
  • All student manuals, handouts, documentation, labs, and supporting documentation.

Contact us regarding the classroom requirements for more information.

Course tailoring options
All Linux ETC's courses consist of modular instructional units. Modules from up to 2 courses within the same curriculum may be combined without time compression to meet your individual requirements. Additional fees may apply.