NOC: Resource Monitoring Systems

Linux ETC's host, system, and service monitoring is designed to inform us of network problems before your clients, end-users, and/or managers do. The monitoring daemon runs intermittent checks on hosts and services that can be specified using external "plugins" which return status information to Linux ETC's Network Operations Center staff as well as our client's staff when requested. When problems are encountered, the daemon can send notifications out to these contacts in a variety of different ways (email, instant message, SMS, etc.).

Some of the major features for Linux ETC's monitoring services are listed below:

  • Monitoring of network services (e.g., SMTP, SNMP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING, etc.)
  • Monitoring of host resources (e.g., processor load, disk and memory usage, running processes, log files, etc.)
  • Monitoring of environmental factors such as temperature
  • Ability to define network host hierarchy, allowing detection of and distinction between hosts that are down and those that are unreachable
  • Contact notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved (via email, pager, or other user-defined method)
  • Optional escalation of host and service notifications to different contact groups
  • Ability to define event handlers to be run during service or host events for proactive problem resolution
  • Support for implementing redundant and distributed monitoring servers
  • Retention of host and service status across program restarts
  • Scheduled downtime for suppressing host and service notifications during periods of planned outages

Please feel free to inquire more about your specifics needs via our Contact page via the "Resource Monitoring Solutions" subject with more details.