Email/Messaging Systems

Desire enterprise level email and group ware (e.g., calendar and contact exchange) without the enterprise price tag? Linux ETC offers an Open Source based solution: Zimbra.

  • Zimbra has connectivity to Outlook and Evolution group ware clients via MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) which allows the sharing of calendar, contact, and email information.
  • Zimbra allows for other email clients to connect via POP3 and IMAP (non-secure as well as TLS/SSL secured).
  • Zimbra allows LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to manage your user base with existing LDAP and/or AD (Active Directory) servers.
  • Zimbra allows web base access to ALL group ware features for those wishing to access your company's system from remote locations off site.
  • Zimbra allows a company to classify their employees for "premium features" or "standard email only". Zimbra has user licenses based on this model. This also allows expansion based on time terms of its licenses as your company also grows without any downtime on your existing productivity.
  • Zimbra offers "Community" versions for companies with smaller number of employees and lower budgets, as well as non-profits.

For more details on Zimbra and their line of products please visit the following pages on our site:

The choice is yours, but in the end the goal is the same...a cost effective email hosting solution based on Open Source ideology. Call or email now to discuss your company's specific email and messaging hosting needs so that Linux ETC may provide the best fit for you.

Please feel free to inquire more about your specifics needs via our Contact page via the "Email/Messaging Solutions" subject with more details.