Linux and Open Source Consulting

Whether you are new to Linux and just need help for a particular installation problem to more "advance items" and are looking for an Open Source based solution, The Linux ETC Company's staff will help and assist you through the process of finding the best and most effective and efficient solution for your needs.

Installation support is based on basic “how to” type answers. Specifically, Installation Support covers the following tasks:

  • Hardware compatibility with various Linux distributions
  • Basic hard drive partitioning
  • Linux distribution installation
  • X Window system configuration
  • Local printer configuration
  • Mouse configuration
  • Network configuration

For applications being deployed as primary mission-critical services in your Linux environment, Advanced Open-Source Application Support provides needed expertise to support:

  • File transfer
  • OpenSSH for client and server
  • Advanced file / print services (e.g., Samba, NFS)
  • Backup software - Set up, restoring data, and trouble shooting a master backup server to back up multiple hosts to a single large capacity tape drive.
  • Database applications (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Email (e.g., Sendmail, PostFix, Exim)
    • Setup of a MTA, for delivery to local users with the custom rule set
    • Installation configuration, & verification of POP3 services
    • Installation and configuration of IMAP services
  • Trouble shooting complex multi server configurations
  • Client-side access permissions to the server
  • Advanced web server (e.g., Apache, nginx, lighttpd) support
    • Help configure web server to appropriately use open and closed source extensions
  • More detailed support for open-source modules and applications (e.g., PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Support is limited to open-source modules and extensions, not closed source applications
  • Advanced DNS
    • Setting up a custom DNS server
    • Dynamic DNS server
    • DNS Caching

The Linux ETC Company does not limit Installation and Advanced Open Source Application Support to the areas above. If specific Open Source application support is required that falls out side the categories listed above, The Linux ETC Company will work with you to ensure the correct level of support is provided to meet your needs. Please feel free to inquire more about your specifics needs via our Contact page via the "Linux/Open Source Services" subject with more details.