ECO: IT Recycling

Every year millions of computers and electronics become obsolete, yet only 10% of those computers actually get recycled properly. So instead of improperly disposing of these old and obsolete computers and electronics, Linux ETC has decided to assist with the proper recycling of these components. The best part for you, the end user and client is that it is at no cost to you...yes, FREE! What Linux ETC will take to be recycled are the following items:

  • Computer Systems, Motherboards, and CPU's (No Monitors and No Keyboards)
  • Computer Racks
  • Power Supplies from Computer Systems
  • Hard Drives, Optical Drives (CD and DVD), and Floppy Drives
  • Computer and Circuit Boards
  • Peripheral (PCI, ISA, AGP, etc.) Cards
  • RAM Modules
  • Network devices (modems, router, switches, hubs)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies without batteries (Please recycle the batteries appropriately.)
  • Power Cords, Network Cables, System Cables

Linux ETC will only accept the above items by appointment. For those with with large amounts just "stock piling" at your home or office, please use our Contact page via the "IT Recycling" option to make an appointment to assess and assist with your recycling needs. Also feel free to inquire if you have questions about specifics of what can or cannot be recycled via Linux ETC.
Note: This service is only provided in the Denver Metro area of Colorado.